sexta-feira, janeiro 16, 2009

Português desaparecido em Berlim

I am writting to let you know about a portuguese guy that is missing in Berlin since the 10th January.

His name is Afonso Tiago, 27

he was last seen close to Berlin Ostbanhof, heading to ForsterStrasse, where he lived. He is a mechanichal engineer, working for a portuguese company (Active Space Technologies)

He is missing sice Friday night, after leaving the club where he was with some friends. He went home alone, but never got there.
I do not know this guy, but his friends are my friends and they are pretty worried.

you can find some more info here

if, by any chance, you see him, or have any news please contact

i always thought these kind of things only happens to others... but now that it is real, we need all the support we can get.

thanks a lot for your time to read this. it is not a joke, I swear!

desde sexta à noite que Afonso Tiago está desaparecido em Berlim. Eu não o conheço, mas conheço os amigos e partilho a sua preocupação. Passem a palavra e se souberem de alguma coisa comuniquem para

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